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BLAC ACTS: Unveiling the HarmoniousSymphony of Science, Culture, and Faith with Dorion K. Hilliard, Sr.

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Dorion K. Hilliard, Sr., the visionary behind BLAC ACTS Music & Media Production, LLC, stands at the intersection of science, culture, and faith. With a multifaceted background as an Energy Management Controls System Engineer, Author, and Educator, Hilliard shares his insights into the intricate dance of humanity, technology, and spirituality.

At the heart of Hilliard's work is a commitment to exploring evolutionary processes. His book, "BLAC ACTS: Biological Linguistics Acquired Cognition - Art Culture Technology Science," delves into the harmonics frequencies within the biosphere, unraveling the influence on our evolutionary journey. The book raises profound questions about our neuro-vitality, kinetic cellular connectivity, and technological correspondence as they relate to clean energy transmission.

The overarching theme is encapsulated in the acronym "ME," signifying the Molecular Energy that constitutes the biosphere. Hilliard contends that understanding the chaos and unpredictability within ourselves is the key to living in the key to living in the presence of God's Holy Trinity.

Journey of Discovery - From ME to BLAC

Inspiration struck Hilliard with a desire to uncover the meaning behind being called "BLAC." His journey as an author is rooted in the principles of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. - Scientific Computations Influencing Ecologies Naturally Cultivated Environments. Through the BLAC ACTS of ME, Hilliard found a unique expression through art, culture, technology, and science.

As a Civil Rights Era offspring, Hilliard's upbringing exposed him to prominent leaders and activists, shaping his perspective on selfwealth, quality of life, and environmental responsibility. His book serves as a testament to these values, emphasizing the need to care for the space and planet we occupy.

The writing process was marked by moments of enlightenment and gratitude, showcasing Hilliard's deep connection to faith and discipline. The challenges he faced became stepping stones to personal and professional growth, culminating in his role as an author, entrepreneur, and Energy Management Controls Systems Engineer.

Faith, Discipline, and Lessons

Hilliard's faith and discipline are evident not only in his professional success but also in the way he balances personal and professional life. The guiding principles of prayer, meditation, and faith underscore his approach to maintaining equilibrium.

Life lessons, Hilliard asserts, are not losses but blessings in disguise, waiting to transform into gifts with faith and persistence.

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